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It’s football, Jim, but not as we know it!

Madcap League is a multi-platform brand based on comedy and football beginning with a board game and an app before expanding into comic strips, trading cards, TV animation and merchandising.

This is a world of footy fun, but you don’t even have to like football to enjoy it. It’s a crazy, sometimes surreal, family humour brand that’s more about giggles and guffaws than anything else.

On this site you’ll meet the players, managers and teams of the Madcap League. It’s an ever expanding universe of laugh-out-loud characters.

Our blog will keep you appraised of our progress as we search for backing and add more and more content.

As one of our footy managers might say, ‘We might be small fish in a big bread bun right now, but one day we’ll be bigger than a very big thing!’

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